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Main platforms

There are several different Platforms that can develop your own business depending on your own business type. We suggest those platforms are most popular in China.The Chinese government not allow the Facebook Instagram twitter and others most popular social media platforms been using in mainland China. The way to have business  more easier to get in-touch with Chinese customers is using the local network and social media. We can help the company get into China market though  Chinese social media which is most valuable and useful way for middle and small-sized enterprises and individuals.


Chinese Website 

Make Local Businesses Easier 

Having a Chinese Website is much easier have business in China market.


Wechat Platform

(微信)China Most Popular Communication App

The wechat as daily communication APP on the almost every Chinese's smartphone. There also is a most popular mobile payment app. They allow companies to create there own Wechat Website (which use via Wechat only), and have Business with, that is also most popular way have B2C business in China.


Chinese Sina Weibo

(新浪微博)one of the biggest social media platforms in China

Companies and Organizations can use this platform to share the information though and get customers in-touch and developing new customers easier.


Chinese TikTok

(Douyin抖音) In China 

The TikTok is great Platform for the company and individual to develop there own business. TikTok allows companies have there own channel and also can give advertising to customers your need depending on the user preference analyzing system. TikTok and Douyin are the same but run on different servers to comply with Chinese censorship restrictions. 



Alibaba(阿里巴巴) and Tanbo(淘宝)

Taobo is part of Alibaba Group, they provide online shopping platforms in China. The Alipay is other popular payment tool crating by Alibaba Group.


Other Platforms 

Mobile app and Website 

Depending on your unique business strategy, our group will suggest you to using other online platforms to support you business.

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