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Our Clients:The Temple Hotels北京东景缘

WZ (WeiZhong) helps famous musician Dylan Ebrahimian and artists Naihan Li for their shown in Beijing Temple Hotels which collaborate with media lab work. Our role is to help this events create content and news report to publish in all Chinese social media platforms in order to sales tickets.

The show is successfully by having celebrity, influencer and many other people who love music. This show article can find everywhere in Chinese platforms.

"想象一下,在博物馆一般华丽的盛殿里体验一场融合了media lab与当代艺术作品的大师级实验歌剧。亲临Temple东景缘大殿,相遇国内外当代艺术家、音乐家,一起走进中西方乐韵交融的时刻。"

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