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Why in china market?

Marketing in Chinese social media is one of the most effective ways to target specific audience defined by particular demographics or interests.  We have partner with Sina Weibo, China’s most popular social media platform, as well as with other China networks. WeChat is, by far, the most popular mobile social network in China. Millions of brands have already taken advantage of this channel to connect with their customers. At WEI DIGITAL we offer WeChat based Chinese marketing service helping you reaching increasingly mobile audience.

We base in London, UK. We market in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube to local Chinese audience also to audience interest in Chinese culture.


WEIZHONG CULTURAL COMMUNICATION LIMITED(WEI DIGITAL) founder had many years of knowledge and experience in developed Chinese Market for higher education. In 2016, founder cooperate with a team of passion, skillful experts form a startup company which now base in Beijing, China. We aims to build a personal service design firm, designed to serve the purpose of service in order to build custom design services in education. Such as Chinese Social media. - Through different platforms for enterprises to create better development. This including from the area through design, media and education partnership .

How to develop business with us ?

We provide enterprise the best one to one service. Meaning special marketing strategies designed only for your own company. This will not only limited to Chinese Social Media but more than this. We will help you understand and develop China market from all aspects. Our founder would like you to know, entering China Market as a university are not only about social media, or website, it is more than that. China market could be different than western marketing.  It is the combination of higher levels of customer service through media platforms, design branding, advance education partnership develop in China.

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