How to market your university Chinese social media under covid-19?

January 25, 2022

Since covid-19 happen, the China visa centre was closed and IELTS are not open for the test, therefore it is essential to have strategies and plan regarding student asking a question such as: “is TOEFL or other English language requirements acceptable for university?” ‘ is there a discount through international students?”. As working in digital marketing, our Chinese social media play an important to our current students and incoming student. Here is some action you can do on social media in order to engage with your student.

University Cafeteria

#Action 1

University strategies right now on WeChat and Weibo it will be good to publish article information about success of scientists and doctors that are helping the covid-19. It is good to demonstrate stories such as successful professors who is going to help the disease or will pass away because of helping corona-virus, or a student who is been able to graduate earlier in order to help NHS.


#Action 2

For an art university, it will be great to provide some new technology. Such as online galleries, online shows or images or even SVG images on Wechat articles, in order to engage with your students.

Here is an example.


#Action 3

Show some real talent to your potential students. Online live broadcasting and the online show could make a huge difference from just publishing articles. UAL recently brought their art show into VR style.

For universities that have a high level of followers, it’s good that at this time they start to communicate with their followers by having online activities such as content competitions.


#Action 4

Content would be good to have fun at this stage.

General content marketing which was planted before also needs to be published in this time such as the requirement for English language course requirement for a particular course.

What Chinese students really want to see from Chinese social media first: university reputation second: subject ranging and benefits now at this stage between March to June it is important to demonstrate what it’s like to study at University this is including student support scholarship benefits such as library time.