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What is the future of galleries museum?
Which galleries/museums need the most PR?
What is the use of social media for galleries?

The answer is data/influence

Gallery and museum: Services

Social Media: Data and flow

Social media becomes the biggest need for galleries and museums to present information to the public. These can be gallery opening (ticket sales, event promotion, private event promotion, membership promotion, artists residency, ex. 

In the future market, secondary and tertiary collectors may have no age, occupation or background restrictions. They can collect their favourite works from information from all sides

Domestic markets, such as Damien Horst, the British Museum and the V&A, have all started to promote their art and works through domestic social media: Little Red Book.

Museums such as the British Museum have even embarked on an e-commerce journey. 

These might be your future need: Chinese social media( WeChat official account, Red,

Gallery and museum: Text
Ceramic Shop

Gallery that are on Chinese Social Media

Gallery and museum: Image
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