Education Agency, Organization and Accommodation

There are huge market in the education world

Many education agency, government organization and accommodation need Chinese and English marketing in order to reach more customers(students).

Online Education

#1 Analysis Your Market

Different types of software correspond to different customer groups. We will use the team's experience, market data and rival analysis to match the regional market development for the brand.


#2 Local PR and Marketing

We provide local public relations, advertising and marketing contacts.

Local Pr and advertising: this includes local online magazines, newspapers, online Kols, bus and subway advertising, brand advertising, etc

Local Market contact: attend events, market research, market contact, market cooperation and market development as agent


#3 Social Media Marketing

The fastest way for a brand to enter the local market is not only develop your business through partnership, but also through your own social media. We can help brands run your own social media in local languages.(Such as English, Mandarin, Cantonese)

Our clients are from universities, middle schools, education agencies, student accommodation